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The main purpose of our website is to give everyone access to the evidence that supports the importance of wildlife gardening. Gardens are an extremely important resource for wildlife in urban areas, as well as people.  The World Bank considers 82% of UK people live in urban environments and this is rising by 0.9% per year.  This makes the urban wildlife habitat probably the only richly biodiverse habitat actually increasing in area year on year, although sometimes at the expense of wildlife-rich countryside. The Wildlife Gardening Forum is passionate about helping everyone, including planners and politicians, realise how important it is that we get our expanding cities environmentally right for people and wildlife.  This, the biggest part of our website, it intended to provide the hard evidence, and you can shop for knowledge here for free!

The heart of the Knowledge Shop is the Gardens and Wildlife Science section.  Here we introduce the basics of the ecology of gardens, investigate the extent of the resource they provide, and ways that gardens differ from other habitats.  You can learn about the origins of gardens and their plants and animals, and the challenges that climate change will bring.  Most importantly, we bring the facts on just how astonishingly rich in species our gardens can be, and the role they can play in conservation. We also acknowledge what we still don’t know about gardens and wildlife, and this leads into our section on Research projects.

Gardens, People and Science provides access to the growing evidence of how extremely important gardens and green spaces are for our mental and physical health, social cohesion, and education.  People cannot grow and develop healthily in nature-free environments. This theme runs into Gardens and Urban Planning.  What do people mean by the term “Green Infrastructure”, and how can we protect gardens, and bring good environmental design into our buildings and developments?  There are commercial interests in wildlife gardening as well, and we cover some of these in Gardens and Commerce.

People are happier and healthier in an environment rich with flowers, trees and green space, and this is ideal for wildlife too

Throughout the Knowledge Shop, we try to point out where we think changes are needed in how the UK should deal with gardens and their wildlife, and we have a section “Finding out more”, which links you to books, websites and organisations that can help. In all the pages, where there is a lot of evidence, we have put the nitty-gritty into downloadable pdf files that give you immediate access to the world’s scientific literature on the subject.  If you come across new facts we haven’t included, please contact us and let us know.