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On  3rd September 2014  Sir David Attenborough delivered the keynote speech at the State of Nature conference organised by the RSPB. In this remarkable and important speech, Sir David gave a pragmatic and impassioned plea for conservation to look forwards, not back, and to adapt to and even embrace the challenges that a rising population and climate change are bringing. 


He reminded the audience of the highly unnatural state of Britain's countryside and of the need to recognise that climate change will bring new species to Britain.   Later in the speech he pointed out the importance of gardens for wildlife, and that it is essential for the development of our children that they should have some awareness of the natural world and the way it works.


You can watch a video of the speech, or read a transcript by clicking the buttons  on the right.  The whole speech is excellent, but if pressed for time start at about 6 minutes in, and the section about children starts at about 14 minutes.

Click here to watch the video
Click here to read a partial transcript of the talk