Six shiny new Trustees join the Wildlife Gardening Forum's Board

June 5th 2018
At the meeting on 5th of June, six new Trustees were welcomed as members of our Trustee Board.  We had lost some Trustees in the last three years from maternity and job changes, and while we miss them, it gave us an opportunityy to think hard about the skills we need on the charity's board, and invite new people to consider filling them.

From the top left  we have:

Judith Conroy currently researching at Coventry University (and yes the picture IS the right way up, Judith loves trees)

Adam Cormack who leads Communications for The Wildlife Trusts

Dr David Perkins Environmental Education and Gardens Manager at Roots and Shoots in London.

Bottom row:

Rosi Rollings who has a background in high-level finances, and now runs the excellent Rosybee Nursery where she cultivates and studies plants good for bees.

Morag Shuaib who has worked with the Wildlife Trusts as a project manager, and was on the Forum Steering Group before we became a charity.

Deborah Smith has a background in business, especially in ethical policies and reducing environmental impacts. She has a parallel horticultural interest and has helped the Forum as a volunteer in the past.

You can read more about these good people (and our existing board members who are also exceedingly good) on our page here. With all this new energy, we will be working and consulting on a new business plan for the charity.

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